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  1. Definitely start out on an easier setting to get a hang of the world and how things operate in game before setting out on a "normal" setting with the mobs, etc. Focus on housing first, then work on long term food production, and then mining. And of course, exploring! Obviously never dig straight down, always have torches on you, and cary an extra sword, pickaxe, and shovel, bc you never know. Happy mining, my friend!

  2. First she was a teacher who had sex with a "filthy janitor", now its a rich celebrity. You know, just cause hes a celebrity doesnt meen hes a better person, janitors are still important members of the society. Money and fame is not always important, the most important thing is sharing your passion with people with similar interests, janitor is like a jelly to teacher’s peanut butter

  3. yes, this is a fairly routine occurrence. do you not piss in this sink with the door wide open?

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